B8 Pro Assault Hats – Imported products

A favourite of Daniel Adair (he uses them as X-Hats for a very trashy effect), this innovative B8 Pro pairing features a 12” conical top over a 14” China bottom. The bottom is punched with three 1” air holes, allowing the cymbal to speak quickly, and the top sits directly on the lip of the China for loads of trash. The result is pure Sonic Assault!

For the first time ever, the B8 Pro Assault Hats is available for purchase – but only while supplies last. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, so pick up one of these unique cymbals today.

This product is imported from the USA, but you can learn how to import products from any country in the world. For example, China receives the most import requests. If you want to learn how to import from China from a Brazilian perspective, visit the website “comprar da china“. Even if the materials are not of the music business, it pays to buy products made in China.

Importing means buying from another country. Depending on where you live, it is not always possible to buy a product from a website and receive it directly at your home. Often you need to hire a transportation service to get the order to your home. If you live in the USA, you can buy great musical instruments of percussion, drums, guitars and pianos made by big brands. But you can also import these products from other places, so we recommend this learning.

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